Who I Am

Kenny Luong!

What I'm Doing

I'm currently persuing my B.S. in Computer Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I was the Chair of the IEEE Student Branch at UHM, and the software lead at the UH Smart Campus Energy Lab (SCEL).

How I Got Here

From an early age, I was definitely interested in building things. My uncles (both with careers in tech fields) frequently noted that I had the engineer's bug in me - I was always attempting to create something. When I got old enough and was given free access to my own computer, that bug only continued to make its course.

Of course, like so many of my fellow college classmates, I did not learn any formal programming languages until I hit college. A few html templates were created and a couple of windows batch files were edited, but nothing I would consider created. My dad and his uncles enjoyed tech, they built desktop computers and fooled around with home theatre systems… so that's where I started.

I couldn't really create anything yet, but I sure as hell could mess around with the operating system and install copious amounts of software to satify my own curiosity. One of my early moments of joy was successfully forwarding ports to be able to play a multiplayer RTS game called Total Annihilation. I definitely did my fair share of photoshopping and video editing for whatever creative projects my high school curriculum could throw at me.

A trend started to develop: I had developed my a good sense for configuration and setup, and by the time I was a senior in high school, I had a vested interest in creating creating something, anything. I was involved in various leadership positions: I was a section leader in my high school's band program, an officer in Key Club and at one point the chair of a student council committee. These positions helped to satisfy my need to create something: organizations at their core are functional systems which are there to fulfill some purpose.

Naturally, with my interest in computers and my desire to create, my career choice gravitated towards Computer Science. Like so many of my fellow classmates however, I actually no idea what a computer scientist actually did all day. The tidbit of information that I had was that computer science majors appeared to create software. So I signed up for Computer Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

And so I started college. After a semester of school and talking to various advisors, I got a better sense of what computer science majors did. I was suggested to try the new Computer Engineering program that just got started at the UH Electrical Engineering department, so I made the jump and switched majors and never looked back.

It didn't happen immediately, but I eventually got the sense that this was what I was looking for. I was given the technical knowledge, experience and analytical skills to create functional systems ranging digital circuit design to high level software devleopment. I was always an engineer at heart, but I had been lucky enough to drop right into the doorstep of the thing that I had been wandering around trying to find for most of my life.

So here I am now, a computer engineering student, software developer, an electronics hobbyist, a student organization leader, an architect and a builder of things.

Some things I'm interested in (to be added to) :