Information Technology Services


This was actually my first job, ever.

I worked as a helpdesk rep for the IT department at the University of Hawaii Information Technology Services or ITS as it's called. ITS is the system-wide entity that is responsible for general technical support and infrastructure for the University.

The help desk role was pretty standard - I was responsible for answering phone calls and replying to emails. Most of the support we gave was for university user accounts, the portal or the on-campus WiFi.

I left this position to persue a more research-related on-campus position but I certainly am so grateful for the opportunity I had there.


I definitely learned how to communicate with people here. It's probably this job that made me so comfortable with email and talking people through problems. Especially since I was doing phone support I had to make sure that I explained things slowly and carefully to people.

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. In-Person

Memorable Moments

  1. The migration from our in-house email infrastructure to Google Apps
  2. The reality of the stereotypical IT 'user' stories


Start: August 2010
End: June 2013